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What is Mastering?

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  • I’ve always focused on songwriting arranging & production, but hired an experienced audio engineer to do the recording mixing & mastering. It got to be expensive, but I learned by watching obseeving & asking questions. So last year I learned about Studo One Artist 4 Bundle. Which was very affordable. So I dove into home production of recording, mixing & mastering. So much to lesrn, though it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, but there’s a lot of aspects to getting the mix right. I found out about Landr & gave it a try. It dies the trick concerning loudness, which was missing in my DIY recordings. However, the mix has to be right before uploading to Landr or other AI mastering sites for mastering. Fortunately Landr is very affordable, quick & easy to use.

    • You are absolutely right! I appreciate your input. We wrote another blog that talks about Landr as well. Our general conclusion was the same. Landr will generally do the trick for projects that don’t have too much invested into it and it is great for demos. It’s very easy to use, but when you’re working with very high fidelity songs with lots of money behind it, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it to a computer to handle (yet). Check that blog out also: Don’t Try Landr Without Reading This First

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