At last, Affordable Mixing and Mastering by Real Engineers

You don’t have to pay a premium for top dollar mixing and mastering. Studio 411 provides Home Studios, Producers, Podcasts, YouTubers and Commercial Recording Studios the opportunity to work with real audio engineers with major label credits at an affordable rate.

Each engineer we work with is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality outcome for your project.

  • No Premium Fees
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Real Engineers
  • Real Experience
  • Proven Results

Mixing and Mastering Pricing


Affordable mixing for your project.



per song

  • 3-5 Business Day Turnaround 
  • Up to 15 multi-tracks 
  • Real Engineers
  • 2 Revisions

Affordable mastering for your project.



per song

  • 3-5 Business Day Turnaround 
  • Single Song
  • Real Engineers
  • 2 Revisions

Have more than 15 multi-tracks?  No problem.

Purchase an additional 15 for the same price.
Need more than 30? Purchase in 15 multi-track increments.

How do I export my files?

Do you really mix my first song or project free??

Do you need my Credit Card info for my free mix?

What if I don't like my mix?

What type of files do you accept?

Do you accept project files?

What software do you use to mix and master?

What kind of turnaround time is there for my project?

What happens when I send my files to you?

What do you mean by a reference track?

What do I submit for mastering?

Can you Master an .mp3 file?

Can you master an .wav file?

What does mastering do?

Can mp3 be converted to wav?

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