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May 21

6 Easy Steps for Exporting Stems on Garageband

By _bayland | Garageband , Tips

6 Easy Steps for Exporting Stems on Garageband

With this simple piece of software, you’ll definitely get started on the right path to success, but exporting stems can be tricky. It doesn’t have a feature that will allow you to export multiple stems at the same time, so I’d recommend a cup of coffee and a lot of patience. If you haven’t read our blog about what stems are and why you’d need to export them for mixing and mastering, you can find that here:


Thankfully we’re here you walk you through it.


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Lets get started:

Step 1: In the window that contains all your tracks, you’re going to need to press the speaker icon on all of the tracks you want to mute. With this you are ensuring that the only file heard is the file you want. The orange colored track is the one that is going to be heard while the grey colored tracks are not.


mute on gb


Step 2: To export your track, press ‘Share’ and then select ‘Send Song to iTunes’ from the top menu in Garageband

send song itunes gb

Step 3: When you do this, a menu is going to pop up that allows you to name your playlist and tend to other details. After filling it out, click ‘Share’

export gb

Step 4: Now iTunes appears, you can scroll down and find the name of your playlist

itunes gb

Step 5: After finding you have found your playlist and it opens, it is going to show you the tracks that have just been bounced. You should be able to see that the track defaults have the same name as the playlist. A good idea would be to rename each track as soon as you bounce them to avoid confusion down the line.

playlist itunes gb

Step 6: To change the name of the track, simply click on the current name until the cursor appears. After renaming your track, press enter on your keyboard.

rename playlist itunes gb

Step 7: Repeat until all of the individual tracks are in the playlist.


And you’re done, my friends.

This is quite a simple feat, but for new producers it’s just about getting your feet wet and listening to your own work as a professional file.


Hope this helps, thank me later, Chris.

Photos courtesy of: Music2be