How to Use Spotify Ad Studio

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Nov 07

How to Use Spotify Ad Studio

What is it?

Spotify ad studio is essentially an advertising platform that makes it possible for anyone to create an ad and manage it through the Spotify platform. If you are a musician, a band, or a business owner – especially in the music industry, this platform is perfect for you. It targets people who are already interested in the industry and it allows for greater communication with your followers and potential fans. Spotify offers different types of Campaign Objectives for whatever you are looking to promote.

How to sign up:

In order to sign up, you need to start with a Spotify account then sign up for Ad Studio. If you already have an existing Spotify account, then you should already be able to sign up for Ad Studio.

Types of Ads:

– 30 second (or less) audio recording that will be listened to by users who have the free subscription to Spotify
– Your ad includes a clickable image which is presented on the screen for the duration of the ad and is linked to the landing page of your choice (your website, your Spotify account, a page to purchase tickets/RSVP, etc.).


How to create your first ad (once you’ve created an account with ad studio):

– Choose your objective:

The first step in this process is to name your ad and select an objective (this is your end goal. Do you want to promote your next show? Your new song? Your new merch release? Etc.) Whatever your end goal is, keep it in mind as you create your ad.

– Select your audience and your budget:

If you haven’t figured out your target demographic, it’s time to get on that, because it is highly important when it comes to setting your ad up for success.

Also, make sure you are promoting your ad in a timely manner. If your show is tomorrow, then it’s probably not a good idea to create an ad. Depending on what you are trying to get the word out about, you probably want to promote it between 2-4 weeks before the day of. This allows your followers and listeners to make plans to be there or tune in that day.
When it comes to your budget, think about how many people you want to reach and how much you are willing to spend to reach them. When it comes to budgeting for an ad, it’s not about how much you spend, but HOW you spend it. Be smart and do your research.

Lastly, you will need to schedule your ad. The benefit of doing everything in a timely manner is that it gives you the opportunity to fix any issues if they happen to come up.

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– Create your ad:

This is where you can get creative and start adding your image, your voice recording and your link. When it comes to all of these things, make sure that they are enticing. Make sure your voice recording is clear and that the message is straight and to the point, remember you have 30 seconds. It is also important that whoever is speaking is not monotone, or too excited, a nice middle point is just right.
For your photo make sure that it is appropriate for your audience and that it reflects your brand and your message in the right way.

– Submit for approval:

Lastly, once you submit Spotify will review your ad and ensure that it aligns with their community guidelines. Once they have approved your ad, then you are good to go and your ad will launch on the day it’s been scheduled.

As music makers, this is an exciting and innovative feature that Spotify has created. It is now easier than ever for artists to create awareness of their work and to spread the word about what they are doing.

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