5 Little Known Ways To Build Your Music Career

By _bayland | Music Marketing

Jul 01

5 Little Known Ways To Build Your Music Career


Every artist wants to know how to “make it” big in the music industry. There isn’t a secret formula to make it happen, but there are definitely proven ways to get you there. Here are our top tips for independent musicians to skyrocket their success. Follow these few steps and you too will see massive results in your music career.

Stop waiting for a record label

Many musicians who sign to a major record label never actually end up releasing music. Some artists end up getting “shelved” and the artist can not release those songs through another label. Labels can drop an artist as quickly as they signed them.

I don’t know a single person that will give away millions of dollars in cash and resources on a single gamble. Too many artists rely on the hard work of someone else to get them where they want to be. No one is going to do the hard work for you. Concentrate on doing your own thing and don’t worry about chasing a deal. Nowadays, major labels hardly ever sign an artist without a successful independent career behind them.

Don’t assume that major labels know the secrets of the industry, or that signing a record deal is even a good idea. There’s no guarantee you’ll get “famous” if you sign a record deal. Many artists owe record labels money after all is set and done.

Marketing, Brand Identity & Awareness

Develop a system to put yourself and your music in front of a new audience. Whether that’s through live performances or social groups, getting your music in front of as many new people as possible will increase the likeliness of them following your career.

Get yourself some professional graphics that you can use across all your promotional channels; from your website and social media accounts, to your posters, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats and more! Creating amazing graphics is cheaper if you’re a professional at Adobe Photoshop. If not, you’ll be better off hiring an experienced graphic designer.

You want your logos and branding to become recognizable. If they look great, people will be more willing to buy your t-shirt when they’re browsing through your merchandise. A strong brand identity will help develop a strong brand awareness.

Connect with fans

There is no substitute to building a strong relationship with your fans. It is the most important aspect to build your success as an independent artist. As you grow your fan base, you’ll need to sustain and connect with your listeners both online and in person.

Your amazing live set is a must have for an great first impression. It’ll help you win over new fans and keep them interested in your upcoming music. Remember that the show is key, but connecting with them off stage is just as important.

Online, you’ll need to make sure to post regularly and interact with your audience as often as possible. Not only should you post interesting content, but replying and interacting with your fans is crucial.

Play to your strengths

If stage presence is your strong suit, you could try and secure a residency at a local venue. A regular gig slot puts your music in front of new people every week, and earns you extra cash to fund your career.

If you’ve got a creative mind and know your way around a camera and editing software, why not focus on a Youtube Channel/Vlog?

Maybe you’re a great writer and want to feature your music on your blog. The possibilities are endless!

Do not ignore streaming

Getting playlisted on Spotify and Apple Music is an invaluable (and free) way to put your music in front of new listeners. Some artists have reservations about putting their music on streaming platforms, but it’s a fantastic way to get known and reach new fans as an unsigned artist.

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