Studio 411 Mixing & Mastering for Home Studios

Home Studios love us because they don't have to mix and master.

You dedicated a room to your home studio, you treated the walls, and purchased all the right gear. 

There’s only one thing you need, mixing and mastering. 

You watched YouTube videos, downloaded PDF files, signed up for that masterclass but it’s so much to learn. The mix doesn’t sound right yet. That’s where we come in. 

Set up those sessions for your friends, break in the equipment and don’t worry about mixing and mastering. 

Let us handle it. 

Take your home studio to the next level and let it be the side-hustle you’ve been waiting for. 

Studio 411's Online Mixing & Mastering Benefits

  •  Easy to use online mixing and mastering service.
  • Mixed and mastered by professional audio engineers. 
  • Level up your home studio.
  • Fast Turnaround.

Our engineers have worked with

Studio 411 Mixing & Mastering for Home studios

Samples of our work

  • We are an effective way to complete your songs.
  • We provide effective communication. Our Project Managers keep you in the loop during the entire process.
  • Using our service provides you with the time to work on more music.
  • Our service is easy to use.
  • We work with any style of music. 

Our engineers have worked with

Why Choose Studio 411?

  • Every project is mixed and mastered by a professional audio engineer experienced in your genre.
  • No need to watch hours of videos to learn how to mix and master your tracks.
  • Effective communication. Our Project Managers keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.
  • Gives you more time to work on more music.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What software do you use to mix and master?

What kind of turnaround time is there for my project?

What happens when I send my files to you?

What do you mean by a reference track?

What do I submit for mastering?

Can you Master an .mp3 file?

Can you master an .wav file?

What does mastering do?

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