Music Studio –  Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions customers ask. Have a question, we didn’t answer? Click here to contact us. 

Do you record full bands?

We do record full bands. Our studio can accommodate most full band projects.  Please contact us with any specifics you may have to see if we are the studio for you.

I recorded my music at another studio, can you mix and master it?

Yes we can! We would need the stems from the session so we can mix and master your music or project. Pro-Tools Session files or other files face compatibility issues.

What do I take to my recording session?

Please bring your hard drive or flash drive with the files you are going to use for your session. Make sure there is sufficient space as you will receive your session on the same drive. If you are a solo artist or band, bring any instruments you will need for your session.

Where do I park?

There are many places nearby to park. Coffee box is usually $6 for the day, the Mills Building is usually $12 a day and there are plenty of meters nearby. These rates can fluctuate depending on events in the downtown area. Meters are free after 6 pm and if you download the Park 915 App, it is an easier way to renew your meter without cutting into your studio session.

If your  band has a lot of equipment, our building has a loading zone in front of it.

Can I bring a photographer or videographer?

Of course, we love artists who document their process, please just tag us on our social media accounts. @recordat411 ;]

Can I bring my posse?

We all need a hype-man or woman from time to time but please limit your entourage to 4 or less. We want to keep the session as timely and efficient as possible for you.  **COVID-19 Update:  Please limit your posse to one other person.**

Can I reschedule my studio session?

You can reschedule a studio session 48 hours in advance. If your session is canceled within less than 48 hours your deposit is non-refundable.

Can I smoke inside your studio?

Our building is a non-smoking building.

Do you mind if I drink while I record?

Please drink responsibly. We understand you may want to loosen up a little during your recording session and we don’t mind you having a drink or two. Keep in mind we do want to capture your best performance. Afterwards, you can always visit some of the great downtown nightlife to celebrate your amazing recording session.

Mix & Master  –  Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions customers ask. Have a question, we didn’t answer? Click here to contact us. 

How do I export my files?

No need to worry, we have a blog post with 5 steps on exporting your files.

Click here.

What software do you use to mix and master?

Our audio engineers use industry leading software found in all professional recording studio settings.

Can you master an mp3 file?

Yes, we can master an mp3 file, but we recommend using a .wav file. Why? The resolution is better and the final result will be of higher quality.

Can you master an .wav file?

Yes, we prefer to receive .wav files to master. The resolution is higher and final result will reflect the quality.

What does mastering do?

The purpose of mastering is to balance elements of a stereo mix and ensure playback across media formats is consistent. An example is ensuring your track is optimal in your car, on your phone and on speakers. Mastering is the final phase of audio post-production.

Can mp3 be converted to wav?

It is possible to convert a mp3 to a wav file but the quality and information cannot be restored. Best practice is converting a wav to an mp3.

I submitted my song and haven’t heard back, what do I do?

Please email us at projectmanager@recordat411.com Your email address may be contain errors and we cannot contact contact you.

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